Lyster - Swipe to Plan

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Lyster let's you focus on what's next. Let the future be the future - and the past be the past. Try it out today!


Never forget

Adding tasks is just a tap away. Write down your thoughts, tasks, things to buy so you can follow-up on them later.

It's simply the best task management and todo app you can get!

Swipe to Plan ahead

Easily schedule tasks for later - so you can focus on what's next. Don't worry - we'll remind you, Inbox Zero for tasks is here!

Do it again

We all have tasks that come up time and time again. We can remind you every day, week, month or year.


Lyster is all about letting you focus on what's next. Feel good about clearing todays agenda and simultaneously make a great plan for tomorrow.

With minimal effort you'll become the best planner around. Use Lyster at home, at work and for anything in between.